Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Light Emitting Diodes - LEDs

LED lighting uses so little battery power compared to conventional BLUBS (Ok, bulbs, just a childish slip) that it seemed to make sense to go down this route so we have specifified that Caxton should maximise the use of LED lighting. To that end Joe has been experimenting with a number of LED bulbs rigged up Heath Robinson fashion in a darkened room (I do wonder about him sometimes..).

We have hunted for saloon lights that will take a G4 bulb because we knew that there was a LED equivalent and managed to buy these lights from John Lewis in a sale at £20 each!

Caxton is brass free, so its chrome, stainless steel and the like. We have four of these for the saloon in addition to other lighting but we will also source a couple of reading lamps for close-up work.


nb.bobcat said...

I really like those lights. My boat will also be brass free. Low maintenance is the key catch phrase in my build.

So I will watch with interest how they fair. I still have nearly a year to make up my mind about lights etc.


Lesley and Joe K said...

Thank you Kath. Very best wishes with NB Bobcat - it is amazing how quickly the time will go and suddenly your boat is only weeks away!

Anj P said...

Sorry if this is going to seem a bit dim (light pun here), but are those lights going to run on 240 system through an inverter or 12v.

We are trying to change the lighting on Serendipity, she came with caravan standard issue, which we presume is from new, but have to go down the 12v with (hopefully) LED's, but trying to sort this stuff out is astrophysics to me

Lesley and Joe K said...

Hi Anj p
All of the lighting on Caxton is
12v. We bought these lights from John Lewis, Joe ripped the innards out so that they could be wired directly into the 12v loom.
It saved us quite a bit compared to 'boaty' suppliers!
Best of luck with Serendipity