Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Another old chestnut

We've had the classic 'portholes' or 'windows' post now it is time for the other old chestnut, loos, tank or cassette?

We decided to sell up last June, we had created a rough specification (wish list really) and found a builder by July. From here on in we researched everything including, loos. We went to the Inland Waterways Association extravaganza at St. Ives in August and spent quite a time talking to people on the Lee Sanitation stand.
Right sorted, a pump-out, with a DIY pump-out kit then.

But hang on, what about the space taken up by a large tank of .. well, you know?

Perhaps a cassette then?

Anyway, having arrived at this state of indecision, we set off to visit Lee Sanitation where they have working models of their products. They were really helpful and having seen the goods, we settled on a vacuum cassette!
What convinced us was the proper ceramic pan and the minimum amount of water used in the flush. (We already are used to using the Thetford cassette system because we have one in the caravan, so saw no problems in emptying cassettes). We really didn't want to give up space under the bed or dinette to a large tank that could be better used for storing things we wanted rather than, well, know. So we are having a Vacu Flush cassette system attached to a Sealand 4848 ceramic pan with electric flush! Decision made, phew.


Adam said...

Just last week I was speaking to the owners of a new boat who have this system, and they'd followed the same logic as you. They said they weren't squeamish about emptying cassettes, as they were caravanners, and didn't want the cost of pump outs. They have given up some under-bed storage space, though, as that's were the cassette is (plus a spare). They reckoned it took about three days to fill a cassette.

Lesley and Joe K said...

Hi Adam
Three days is about right for two of you using the loo. We have storage earmarked for two spare cassettes so we keep the under bed space!

Steve Edwards said...

Excellent choice - and easy to work on - check out the latest on if you have any doubt !!