Saturday, 21 June 2008

Behold, the Master

Yesterday Joe and I travelled to Stourbridge to see the progress that had been made with Caxton and to meet Dave Moore who would be doing the signwriting on the boat.
Dave is a Master signpainter, a traditional signpainter, accredited by the Waterways Craft Guild, ( and their definition of a Master is as follows:
MASTER - This accreditation is for practitioners meeting all the criteria of a Journeyman, with considerable experience in carrying out their skill, who show a high regard and feeling for the traditions of their craft and whose work set standards by which others may be judged.
We are extremely lucky to have someone of this calibre to decorate our boat and watching him work was awesome. After a very brief discussion about what we thought we wanted, Dave scuttled off to his car and retrieved a box.
In no time at all he had chalked in the outline of what he intended to do. All by eye, all by hand - Very Clever Stuff..

This was only to clarify ideas as the red panels are still only in undercoat as yet. The signpainting will be in white, grey and black and will have lots of traditional twirls etc.

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