Monday, 30 June 2008

Caxton gets his thermal underwear

Caxton was spray formed last week. A set of thermal underwear to keep us toastie-warm in cold weather. The water tank at the front of the boat was also pulled out in order to get a coat of foam underneath; an area that can get damp apparently.

And here you can see that Barnowl is starting to fit the wiring loom that has been specially made up for Caxton - like a cats cradle isn't it?


Adam said...

I know I'm just being nosey, but have you told us yet what the layout's going to be? Traditional or reverse? Dinette or not? cross bed or in-line? I've had a quick look back through the early posts and didn't find the answers, but apologies if I've just missed them somewhere.


Lesley and Joe K said...

Hi Adam
Caxton is to have a reverse layout, from the stern; galley followed by a 5' pullman dinette that will convert to a 7' occasional bed. Then the saloon leading to small storage 'tunnel' then a cross bathroom and finally the bedroom with a 5' cross bed.
I don't think you are being in the least bit nosey, I know that I am always interested in how people utilise the space inside the boat as well as its looks on the outside.

gbl said...

Glad you saw the blog. Ellie is nearly 12. have looked at your blog and see your two are black.. Ellies Mum was black and we had her until she was nearly 13. Ellie is one of her second litter. We are in our second year of 6 month cruising. Hope all goes well for you. Maybe we will see you around next year.
I have not worked out how to send a reply tp post directly by email!!

Gill Lovegrove