Saturday, 7 June 2008

Energy Efficient White Goods

Caxton is going to be our home for the foreseeable future; there will be no land base. We therefore tried to be practical about what living in a bathtub will mean, however, I start by making NO excuses about our wanting modern day conveniences on board Caxton.

I fail to find washing up dishes therapeutic at home and I see no reason why that would miraculously change on a boat and as for himself washing up - Yer well, I don't think so...

So, given that we are not prepared to beat the washing on stones at the water side, or hang damp clothes and linen all over the boat, we have had a long search for energy efficient white goods to take the load. The criteria has been:
  • Power consumption
  • Water consumption

  • Cleaning efficiency

  • Simplicity
  • Load
Most of the searching has been done on the net but you still need to go and 'kick the tyres' so to speak so we have visited retailers to look at the goods, press buttons and open drawers etc. Following a trip into Peterborough last Monday we have finally settled on the following:

John Lewis Washing machine JLWM1407 1.02kwh/cycle - 56litres of water per wash
John Lewis Condensing tumble dryer JLTC01 2.1kwh/cycle
Neff Dishwasher S44E43 1.05kwh/cycle - 14 litres of water per wash
We have run all this past the electrical whizz kids that are setting up Caxton's systems and it meets their approval so here's hoping that we have done our research properly.

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