Sunday, 29 June 2008

It's the way I walk

Yesterday was time to hitch the horses and head out for another shopping trip - this time to find Caxton's curtain material. We went back into Grantham because this is the epicentre for all things needleworkie around these parts. Into Dunhelm for the initial recce, there to spent an hour immersed in fabulous fabrics, (that might be a great name for another Grantham emporium) where I changed my mind about the fabric I had already bought at a bargain price for the dinette - at LEAST four times. Common Sense prevailed however, (somebody must have brought him with us) and I found the material for the curtains to match my earlier fabric purchase.

Onwards into the town we then visited the Fabric Warehouse, site of my successful bargain hunting earlier in the week. I had just walked in when I was greeted with, "Ah, the duck egg lady!" by the assistant that had served me on Monday.
"Follow me." says same assistant. So I waddled after her. "I've been up to Liverpool and look what I have found!", as she produced another roll of the duck egg material I had exhausted their supply of. Wonderful me thinks, as himself had been telling me that he thought I hadn't bought enough. S0 I bought another two metres, got a third metre for free and counted yesterday as another very successful expedition.

I need to check my walk in a mirror though....

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