Thursday, 26 June 2008

Nothing beats a bargain..

On Saturday I went into Peterborough to look for fabrics for Caxton's dinette and curtains - no joy at all so, on Monday, accompanied by my friend Valerie Ann, we went to Grantham on the same mission. Digressing somewhat, Grantham is the only town I know that has a plethora of fabric, sewing and needlework shops, it seems to be a dying interest elsewhere. When I was a child every parade of shops used to include the wool shop but then, unless you were comfortably off, everything was hand knitted anyway. Right, back on track. We spent some time trying to match fabrics with paint colour charts and managed to narrow down the choices before giving up and heading off for lunch. Once fed, it was back to the task in hand. We had spotted the fabric for the upholstery on a display but not in a roll anywhere so it was time to seek out the elusive assistant. We tracked down the likely operative but had to wait as she was on anti shoplifting duty, trying to protect the business from the roller-blind thieves! We asked about the price of the chosen fabric, (estimating that it was likely to be £15 -£20 per yard/metre), and joked that if she couldn't find any I would take the display, all six yards, for a knock down price. Blow me, back she comes with a grin on her face saying that there wasn't any more of this particular material but I could have the display fabric for........£10. What a result!

So if you want my services for bargain hunting trips.....queue here!

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