Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Our steel baby is safely delivered!

Caxton was delivered to Stuart Harper of Barnowl Narrowboats this morning! Wearing a lovely shade of green (I think Graham Reeves must have a mate in the MOD..- I jest, I jest..)

Caxton is craned off of A B Tuckey's lorry and safely delivered to his new nursery for the next four months. I guess every single person who has ever commissioned a boat eagerly anticipates this stage; it all seems so real now, so bloody exciting!

Stuart and his team will now set to work to transform this great green monster.

Gentle does it, mind that door..


Adam said...

How exciting! I'm really looking forward to following your build. You can't go far wrong with a Reeves shell. I've also put a link to you on my blog.

Lesley and Joe K said...

Hi Adam
Thank you. Stuart Harper of Barnowl Narrowboats is delighted with the quality of the shell that Reeves have just delivered!

I have added Debdale to Caxton's blog roll - we look forward to meeting on the cut one day.