Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Banger anyone?

Yesterday our new BBQ arrived and here it is assembled by my own fair hand and awaiting his inspection - I even read the instructions!

We have ummed and arred about what BBQ to get for Caxton, we both favoured a gas version and of those I wanted the Webber Q200 seen below
but when you cost in a small trolley and cover, the best price for this was about £175, just a bit steep we thought. Now if it was designed to do the ironing and change the engine oil then maybe it would appeal more but £175 for a few grilled bangers .. er no thanks. So we have looked again at the Son of Hibachi as reviewed by both of the Canal mags.
Just as an aside, I find the product reviews carried out by the Canal Boat Magazine to be a bit, well, limp. They never seem to criticise anything, nothing comes last, nothing is crap, useless, over priced, unreliable; now are they just very lucky with the choices of product to review or are they ducking the issue somewhere?
Sorry, back to the Son of Hibachi Grilletto (gags on name). It is compact and simple and we liked the chimney effect when it comes to getting it going and the carry case thingy. We hunted around and managed to buy it for £50 and we are going to take it away with us next week when we are off in the caravan. Provided that it doesn't rain all week we will give the BBQ a thorough work-out and report back.

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