Thursday, 31 July 2008

Dog Scouts

When we go away caravaning with the dogs we have a full awning that we erect and inside this awning we then assemble an inner tent that acts as a 'bedroom' for the dogs. This follows our first experience of caravaning when the two dogs made it quite clear that a drafty windblown awning as a dog bedroom was not fit for purpose.

Having decided to sell all the caravaning kit in order to decamp to Caxton we cut up this inner tent and used it as a liner for the rear of our old Volvo dog wagon. Now we have decided to keep the caravan we need to replace their sleeping compartment.
We saw this two-man tent last week on sale for £20 and thought it would do rather nicely inside the main awning.

Fletcher and Floyd can be proper dog scouts now -no comments about their woggles please, this is a sensitive subject currently.

An added bonus is that the guy-ropes won't be necessary in the awning so it will take up less space than the old arrangement and can be moved about with ease. We are off next week to Norfolk so it will get its first outing - let's hope they approve.


Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Could I interest you in a dog exchange at all? Dogs that are happy in their own 'bedroom' as opposed to on mummy's bed....ah, bliss. They're good boys, woggle or no

Lesley and Joe K said...

Oh if we allowed them on our bed they would be their in an instant! Floyd spends every evening stretched out on his back, on Joe's lap, the compromise being, 'he is not on the furniture':Oh really dear?
NB Caxton