Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Everything AND the kitchen sink

Caxton is having one of these on board, a Neff semi-integrated DISHWASHER! Now I know that is very, 'shiney-boatpeople like', but do I care? NOT A JOT. We don't like washing up, the dishwasher will use a lot less water to clean a days' worth of dishes, cups, saucepans etc. than washing by hand and we have bought the most energy efficient beast we could lay our hands, and our money, on.
Now to the KITCHEN sink. We were going to have a one and a half bowl sink but himself has decided that the two wastes that this entails will take up too much space in precious cupboard space; I am inclined to agree, always the best policy.
So we think that we will settle for this Astracast stainless steel jobby that will fit under the granite work top.

The tap we purchased on Sunday from good ole B&Q. A high swan neck that a bucket will fit under for when Joe wants to wash floors, boat paintwork etc.

And levers that are easier to use for aging hands, the fings that don't do dishes...


PAV said...

Hi Both,
Really enjoying your blog and seeing things coming together. Hope the house sale side of things are going OK.
Appreciate your encouraging comments......Thanks.
John & Cathy - NB Marmaduke

Lesley and Joe K said...

House sale is doing nothing at present, hardly surprising with all the media doom and gloom, but there you go...
Glad you are enjoying my meagre literary efforts
take care
NB Caxton

Sarah said...

Really enjoying it too. Can't blame you for the dishwasher. I saw a survey once ages ago which asked people which electrical appliances they would be willing to do without. The dishwasher went first, the TV last - well at home I have a dishwasher and wouldn't be without it, but no TV.

Lesley and Joe K said...

Thanks. Those that don't use a dishwasher regularly will think I am a lazy c**, those that DO use them will know exactly where we are coming from..