Friday, 11 July 2008

Hundred and Two

The telephone rang this morning at 08.00 and a voice started singing..

'Happy Birthday to you,
You're a hundred and two,
You look like a monkey
And belong in a zoo'
It's ME!
'ME', was Jack my eleven year old nephew and our future lockboy. Aren't they just lovely? Gnash, gnash...


Adam said...

Well Happy Birthday! Of course I wouldn't be so rude as to try to guess how old you are (but if you really are an early retiree at 102, I dread to think what the normal retirement age is in your family!)

Lesley and Joe K said...

Why thank you Adam. As you may have guessed, there was just a little poetic licence in Jack's tribute. I am glad you didn't pick up on the simian reference!

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Happy Birthday! Don't suppose you want a washing machine as a pressie?

Lesley and Joe K said...

Ha Ha Grey girl. Can you just send the John Lewis vouchers - pretend I am an MP!