Sunday, 6 July 2008

Join up, Join up

Browsing through other blogs I have been noticing some of the links that people include. Many, most infact, of these links are canal related but some indicate that people have a life outside the narrowboat - this in itself is amazing. Canals, and all things narrowboaty, seem to be so absorbing all else slips into the background..

I was looking at Nev Wells Waterlily blog and Nev has links to a number of motoring sites:

Ducati Monster owners club

Honda Hornet owners club

Smart car owners club

Anyway it got me thinking.. and I recall my father being a member of the Alvis Owners Club.

I also remember being taken to the annual Alvis Owners Club meeting at Crystal Palace every year. Dressed in Sunday best, we, my two brothers and me, wandered around hundreds of beautifully presented cars, being admonished to, 'don't touch, step back' while my father admired these gleaming feats of engineering and chatted to proud owners.

Of course, to be a member we had to own an Alvis.

Below, the 1936 Speed 25. Then, right, a 1948 TA14.

There was another model we had but I can't remember the type but the last Alvis Dad owned was a Graber as shown above. I always promised myself that if I was ever in a position to own a classic car it would be an Alvis, in memory of my Dad and then I would join up and become a member of the Alvis Owners Club.

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