Friday, 25 July 2008

Just doing Diners

This is a photograph that we spotted when trawling for ideas. We liked the look of this dinette and presented Barn Owl with this, saying ' One like this please'. But, (isn't there always a but), it has got to be only 5' in length, not the usual 6' or 6'6". AND, it has got to convert to a 6'6" bed for guests. AND, it has also got to maximise potential storage options.
Joe did a series of drawings to show how the conversion might work and Stuart stacked bits of wood and cans to check on seat heights, with me perched precariously on top as an integral part of the experiment.

And here's the baseplate of Caxton's very own all singing, all dancing, 5' dinette cum bed cum store.

The bench seats constructed showing cupboards saloon side that will house DVD recorder, sky box (if we bother) and radio etc.

The 12v freezer will be housed in the bench seat at the top of the picture.
Well done BARN OWL!!!!

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