Monday, 14 July 2008

No room for the ballgowns then.

Barnowl have made a start putting in the wardrobes, one each side of the front doors. There's no room for the ballgowns; I've told Joe he will have to dress conventionally when we move on to Caxton. When I think about how many of our clothes simply hang in our wardrobes month in, month out, (actually that should probably say, Year In , Year Out) while we use only a modest assortment, lack of hanging space doesn't seem to really present a problem. I hope I am not eating my words three months into this venture..

We have bought a number of those 'Vacuum-Seal storage bags' for storing linen and clothing during seasonal transitions - winter bedding and clothing can be sealed in these space saving bags under the bed and swapped for the summer gear and vice versa. These bags seal the contents from damp and dust (DUST under MY bed, surely not?) and reduces the bulk by up to 75%. I have tried this at home with a couple of sleeping bags and it really does reduce the size considerably - Very useful on the boat - now where are those dogs?


John (NB Alacrity) said...

Alacrity is 19 years old and we don't live aboard but have just cleared out loads of junk that I thought "May be useful" and hasn't seen the light of day in 19years

Eric said...

Hi NB Caxton crew members,

I understand that Floyd & Fletcher are not able to read, but maybe you can get the point across to them!?

We have been touring the USA for nearly thirteen years in an RV and have only recently 'turfed out' my only decent formal suit plus some of my Wife's more 'dressy' items. For all that time they have taken up valuable storeage under the bed, have no doubt contributed to the weight that our poor old motor has to 'lump' up and down some pretty impressive mountain grades & have never seen time on our backs! We tend to live in tee shirts, shorts and jeans and we're convinced that's what you will be doing as our chosen lifestyles are fairly comparable.

We are a couple of Brits who, within the forseeable future, hope to swap the wheels for a narrowboat and enjoy a more leisurely life exploring our own wonderful Country.

Best wishes to you and we hope that one day we may meet you on 'The Cut'.

Eric & Patsy Wilson

Lesley and Joe K said...

Eric and Patsy
You two sound as if you have been having a wonderful time - 13 years, did you just get lost over there?
I take your point about the type of gear we will end up living in - we just need to adjust for the seasons. Hope you make the 'cut' soon - look forward to meeting you one day.

Lesley and Joe K said...

We are trying to be HARD nosed about what we will need and what goes onboard Caxton - time will tell I guess.