Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Prepare to be stunned!

Another Dave Moore masterpiece; behold Caxton's finery...

Here you see the detail of the sign painters art, a graduated shadow.

Dave Moore is in continuing the sign painting of Caxton today. The photo's provide an indication of what the boat will look like but they really don't do Caxton credit. It is only when we get Caxton out of the confines of a narrow workshop that we will really be able to appreciate the red sign written panels against the long black panels down the boats' flanks. Are we pleased? What do you think?


Amy said...


John....Alacrity said...

What a great job of signwriting,I was going to say it's the d**s b*******s but in deference to Floyd and Fletcher and their condition I shall refrain.....Caxton looks fantastic

Lesley and Joe K said...

That is very considerate of you John, the boys will be most touched.

Amy Thanks.

We are delighted with Dave's workmanship.