Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Shiny Boat!

Caxton is has so many layers of paint now that I am sure he has grown in width. The depth of colour is showing now and there is already quite impressive sheen to his flanks. There is to be a border around the panels to finish them off.
You can just see that the masking tape has been removed from the stainless steel cleat on the rear deck.
And here is the same cleat before Reeves fitted it to the hull.


Anonymous said...

Hi Both,
Caxton really is looking great.

Bet you can not wait for launch day.
John & Cathy. NB Marmaduke

Lesley and Joe K said...

Hi John & Cathy
Thank you, we think Caxton is beginning to look the part but then we are rather biased..
We will be launching in Stourport, first week of October we hope, so we will be expecting a cup of tea!
NB. Caxton

Anonymous said...

Like the cleat, much better than the single studs we have. I think I will add two of those to my to do list!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley & Joe,

We are in the queue for a Barnowl NB, slot booked for April 09 can't wait. Like you we are going to have a reverse build, ex yatch owner. Met Stuart at Stourport on 25th Aug and he told us about your blog. Have enjoyed reading it and can feel your anticipation for launch day. Stuart has told us to come and have a look nearer the end of build and we are looking forward to seeing CAXTON in it's full glory. We run a Guest House in Malvern and like you are rather b.....ed with the credit crunch!!
Sylvia and Ted

Lesley and Joe K said...

Welcome aboard Sylvia and Ted! We are eagerly anticipating Caxton's completion; the time has flown past since the build started. Perhaps we will meet you both on a visit to Barn Owl?
NB Caxton