Friday, 4 July 2008

Swap shop

I had a thought yesterday. Having come in from walking Fletcher (Floyd was a bit lame so he stayed with his Dad) I announced, " I have just had a thought!" The dogs looked at me, Joe looked at me, - then we all laid down to recover from the shock.

"Why don't we see if someone would swap their house for our house?" Stunned silence. I went on to expound my idea to Joe. "Look, if this place doesn't sell by the time we get Caxton, we will have to take it off the market and rent it, yes?" Nods. "There are people in Bourne (local small town) who are wanting to move up but can't because somewhere, someone, is waiting for the first time buyer and they're rarer than hens teeth right now." More nods. "Well, we take the first time buyer out of the equation. If this Cottage is worth say, £300 thousand, their house is worth say £200 thousand, they pay us the differential, £100 grand, and we swap! The house we swap for just needs to be rentable, we won't be living there, we will be on Caxton".

GOOD IDEA says himself - bloody hell... praise indeed

So I called the Estate Agent with my idea. They think it could be a runner and are calling back today..

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