Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Visit to Barnowl, that was fun..

Leaving home a just after 7am yesterday I arrived at the Barnowl workshop about three hours later - well it was Monday and as anyone who drives regularly will know, Monday and Friday are just about the worst days for travelling. The kettle was on and in no time I was sipping a lovely strong cuppa - just the antidote for a tedious journey.
Unloading the car, we brought in the fabrics I had bought for the dinette and the curtains, the kitchen tap, TV an TV bracket. It was then time to have a look at progress and sort planning issues out with Stuart.

Caxton has now been lined out and the bulkheads are in place. Soon after I had arrived Stuart and his father loaded the washing machine and tumble dryer on board; that was no mean feat lugging heavy cumbersome items like that up steps and in through small doorways. God knows how they come out again..

The washing machine didn't fit where we had envisaged, the front was bowed slightly and wouldn't allow a concealing door to be fitted on the cupboard. There was quick change of plan and now the tumble dryer resides here.

Armed with the plan that Joe and I had drawn, a tape measure and a roll of masking tape, Stuart and I crawled around inside Caxton, marking and measuring happily. The bathroom has now been reconfigured slightly, the galley has got marginally bigger and the mechanics of how we get a 5' dinette to stretch to 6'6" visitor bed have been thoroughly discussed.

Five and half hours later I was retracing my drive home, well actually, not quite... the Sat-Nav took me on a diversion to avoid 'a traffic incident' - Say hello to Birmingham City centre!

'That was fun', she says - tongue firmly in cheek.

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