Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Saloon open for inspection

Here are a series of photo's that Joe took yesterday of work in the saloon.
Above, looking towards the stern, you can see the rear of the dinette with cupboards in its base to take a freeview box, radio and DVD recorder. On the left is a bookcase and TV station which will have doors fitted later.
Above looking at the storage cupboard you can see that work has started on fixing the ash T&G under the gunwale and solid ash trims are being fitted to frame the ash faced ply panels above. These panels will be painted with emulsion introducing some colour into the boat.

Looking towards the bow on the right hand side you can see where the stove will be placed when the fireplace is created. On the left is what will become the boatmans cupboard. Again the ash T&G is being fitted vertically under the gunwale and is transforming the look of the interior.


Anonymous said...

I love these photographic progress reports - your builder seems amazing. I wonder if the blog acts as an incentive?! If we'd done the same when we built Indigo Dream we'd have just posted the same photo over and over for 4 months!

Lesley and Joe K said...

Thanks Sue
Barn Owl produces a fitted bespoke boat in about 16 weeks. It is one boat at a time and no distractions. We are delighted with them and their attitude to their work - how lucky are we?
Nb Caxton