Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Secret of Man's Red Fire

I promised in a previous post that I would report back on this Son of Hibachi Grilletto BBQ that we have just bought. Well it does what it says on the tin - it works and it works well. It is lit in this closed position which creates a chimney/flue effect so the charcoal is soon alight. Ten minutes after lighting it it is ready for cooking; open it out and load with food. When we had eaten, leave for 30 minutes, close the beast back up and then place in carry/snuff-out bag. It is easy to transport and store, virtually self cleaning and the carry bag means it is not an awkward messy piece of kit to find a home for.

Now where is that commission cheque?

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Anonymous said...

Commission? Dream on!
So pleased too see yet more progress on the Caxton. I'm excited and it's not even my boat!
Sue, Indigo Dream