Sunday, 24 August 2008

T for 3 and loads of talk

At last the mobile broadband dongles have turned up! I have signed up with T-Mobile for Web & Walk at £15 pcm and himself has backed-up our grasp of the techie world with a good package from 3 at £7.50. We had calculated how much we spend on broadband and telephones in our land based life and said that provided we get deals that stay within that budget we will have done very well. For the mobile phone I have opted for a Vodaphone package that allows 3000 minutes to landlines, unlimited calls to mobiles and all the texts you like at £35 pcm. I was particularly attracted to the landline allowance as it seemed pretty generous and eminently practical as most calls will be to landlines.

We have even got 2 metre extensions to our dongles - now there IS something to boast about!

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