Thursday, 28 August 2008

Who stole the beach?

1. Take one boat roof and apply masking tape.
2. Apply a coat of grey oil based undercoat.

3. With bucket and spade, cover wet paint with sand.
4. Apply generous amounts of sand to wet paint on gunwales.

5. Leave to dry before brushing off excess sand and applying a generous coat of grey paint.

NB. Joe, please note - this is a non -slip surface!


Adam said...

You can't beat the sand-in-paint technique, can you? There was a boat at the IWA festival that had a non-slip rubber matting complete with diamond pattern, glued to the roof. It looked awaful, and I can imagine that when it's dirty and peeling off at the edges it will look even worse. Surely another of those instances where the modern alternative is worse than the original one.

Like the bow flares too. If blue mean perishable, I assume there are other colours with other meanings. I wonder if there's a list of them.

Lesley and Joe K said...

I will try and find out about the colour codes - if they exist?