Sunday, 7 September 2008

Beam me up..

The transporter fitted to Caxton -

Oh alright...., the shower enclosure then.

And, here the Cludgie, as my Glaswegian husband would say. On the wall behind is the electric flush switch and the wee (pun) thingy that tells you that your husband needs to empty the cassette (Too heavy dear..).


Anonymous said...

Is that shower really big enough for one man and his dog?
Sue, Indigo Dream
ps. Caxton looks fantastic!

Lesley and Joe K said...

No more warm showers for that pair, it will be a bucket of warm water on the well deck or the hose.

We think Caxton is looking good but then we are biased. Stuart the builder is so pleased with how things are shaping up that it is going to be Barn Owl's show boat at Crick next year!
NB Caxton