Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Caxton's kitting out

As the time for Caxton's launch gets ever closer I have started to think about what domestic kit I will need on board. Our original plan was to move onto Caxton with kit from our home as we were anticipating selling the house and not having a land based home at all. The current economic conditions have rather trounced that plan, so we are now sort of 'down sizing' instead and that means that the idea that we would simply transfer towels, saucepans, cutlery, crockery, bedding etc. from home to boat is now a non-runner.

So, brace yourselves, I have had to go shopping. Fortunately, most of it on the Internet because despite the stereotype, I am a woman that doesn't like to shop.

Here is the first purchase, a set of dishwasher safe stainless steel cutlery.

It seems however that I might need to employ a butler with this set because, and I quote: '...should be removed from the dishwasher immediately drying cycle is complete and polished with a soft dry cloth - do not mix stainless steel and silver cutlery in the dishwasher'. The problem is, I can't for the life of me, remember where have I put the silver?

As long as they are suitable for opening paint cans and as impromptu screwdrivers that will be just fine.

Second purchase the colour co-ordinated towels and bath mats: towel-stacker's of John Lewis and M&S please note how it should really be done...

Third purchase, new saucepans. These are those Tefal Compact saucepans that are guaranteed to outlast Methuselah, stack inside each other and fit in a sock drawer. Well that might not exactly be the marketing-speak but the pan handles fold in, the lids compact and they all stack in a very confined space. And, lets face it, a narrowboat is a confined space.

And finally, here is the last purchase, the crockery. Maxwell & Williams Cherry Blossom porcelain. Square plates and bowls that are space efficient and in my view, quite striking and mugs of a sensible size.


nb.bobcat said...

Very sophisticated.

Originally I couldn't have those compact saucepans cos I was going for an induction hob. But now I'm cooking on gas looks like they are a starter for ten

Long way to go before I am fitting out but I have already got a couple of lights and some little A4 drawer boxes from IKEA for the 'study'. And a cutlery insert because it was a tad too big for my drawer at home. Anyway I am used to the cutlery all being higgledy piggledy now. Makes searching for a knife 'interesting'.

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

HOW DARE YOU Bobcat, I have NEVER been called sophisticated before - and truth to tell, I ain't!

If you want the web site for the saucepans give me a shout.

Anj P said...

This is very sad, a converstaion about saucepans, but I thought I join in. Tefal compact are great, we use them on Serendipity. The only down side at the mo, is I can't find a compact Pasta pan with folding handle. If you find one let me know.

When kitting out ours on the inside 3 years ago it was like going back to the first home bit. This is very extreme, but I loved it!! Anyway back to the home now I see the men in white coats coming

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Hi Anj
I agree that saucepans are a tad mundane but so what.. Like you said, this is enjoyable, bringing all the bits and pieces together to create the floating nest.

I have had a look on-line for a Compact pasta pan but no luck so far.

Halfie said...

A pasta pan? What's that? You have to cook pasta in a special saucepan? And all these years I've been using an ordinary one...

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

I'm sophisticated enough to know what pasta pan is either - my spag gets thrown in a large saucepan as well..