Thursday, 18 September 2008

Confused DOT Com

The British Waterways stoppages programme for 2008-2009 has been printed off and the Nicolson's map dragged out of its dusty drawer - It's planning time!
Where are we going to go for our first sortie?
Well actually the second trip because the initial journey following Caxton's launch is pretty straightforward. We are expecting to be 'dropped' into the Severn in or near Stourport and from there it will be up the Staffs and Worcs to Great Haywood, onto the Trent & Mersey to Fradley Junction where we will turn onto the Coventry canal to Hawkesbury and then the Oxford to our base at Brinklow.

Quick oil change Joe and then it is off again, but where?

I've a fancy to head off towards London and then go up the River Lee to Bishops Stortford. A bit of fancy footwork could see us avoiding the couple of closures en route prior to Christmas. We could then show off Caxton to our family based in Essex (nothing wrong with being an Essex Girl I'll have you know) before heading back again. Or, we could go down the Oxford and Thames and see friends at Woodley near Reading or..

Then there is next Summer, Lancaster perhaps, BCN exploration? Lincoln?

Rearrange this saying; Your is Oyster World the!


Anonymous said...

Do come to London - if you're passing down the Grand Union then we'll make you a coffee. We should be back in Cowley Peachey by then! Don't know if you've done the Lee and Stort before but it it stunning and very good dog-walking along the way (just pass quickly by manky Tottenham).
Sue,Indigo Dream

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

We are coming down the Grand Union so we will make a date for that promised coffee! The boys are looking forward to meeting Lou and Blue.