Monday, 1 September 2008

Donkey Burgers anyone?

This little chap is not quite four weeks old and very nearly didn't see the light of day.

Five Donkeys were rescued from France en route to an Italian slaughter house, his mother was in foal at the time and already had a youngster at her side. They're now residing at the Hillside Animal & Shire Horse Sanctuary

The Sanctuary campaigns against cruelty to animals reared in our farming industry and tries to raise awareness amongst the general public about the conditions that animals are often kept in.
What I found particularly alarming was the number of times that Hillside Animal Sanctuary has stepped in an acted after the RSPCA had proved ineffective in dealing with animals in distress. There were, pigs, lambs, ducks, chickens and turkeys from Norfolk's intensive turkey farming industry, all rescued from appalling conditions that are hidden from public view. The Hillside Animal Sanctuary has now started training its staff to enable them to gather and present evidence effectively in Court against these people that treat a living creature in such an appalling fashion.

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