Tuesday, 23 September 2008

No truck with Crufts

I have just received a mailing from The Dogs Trust (formerly The Canine Defence League) to explain that they, like the RSPCA, are not going to be attending the Crufts or Discover Dogs show. This is public statement of no confidence in the Kennel Club for its ineptitude and complacency in dealing with the severe health problems caused by poor breeding practices and ludicrous breed standards. Now we need the BBC pull out of televising the event and that just might create enough pressure to bring about change!


Anonymous said...

Ah well Blue could never compete at Crufts (no balls). If I remember right the Kennel Club did not like the tail docking legislation and both our dogs have proper tails so that is us out. To be fair I think the breed standard for greyhounds is that they should have a tail but I don't understand docking. The boxer in the Cross Keys pub in Great Bedwym had his tail and looked so proud with it.

My younger sister is a vet. She embarrassed everyone in the party last time she went skiing in Switzerland as she kept on going into people's gardens to examine their Bernese Mountain Dogs - they had none of the faults she sees all the time here...

nb Indigo Dream

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Hi Richard
Docking is a fashion thing that is jutified by spurious claims that it is for the dogs sake - tosh! Now that was polite and restrained wasn't it?
Well done you sister.