Sunday, 28 September 2008

Try this for size

Caxton is no longer cratchless. The woodwork is still to be treated, here it is in its raw state, but the cratch is now in place.
The top board, of planed ash approximately 6"x 48", cost a whopping £65! Little wonder that build costs are rising with timber costs as high as that.

Below, the cratch cover has been quickly fitted to show me.


Keith and Jo said...

The woodwork looks lovely, but I can imagine you coughed a little at the £65 LOL. Still once it is done and paid for the price will be forgotten.

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Hi Hadar Folks
The increase in timber costs are having an affect on the boat builders margins, or lack of them. I have a contracted price so I am not out of pocket but the boat building industry is up against it with steel prices going through the roof as well as timber.

saltysplash said...

It certainly looks good and probably reasonable for 65 squid.
Im very taken by how well the natural wood looks and am thinking how smart it would be with a few coats of yacht varnish instead of being hidden by paint and roses like on our cratch board.....thats bad....your giving me ideas which might end up in extra work for me