Monday, 15 September 2008

Waiting Game

Waiting for news on the house sale, waiting for news on Caxton and waiting for parcels to be delivered.

The house sale is progressing but as house sales do, maddeningly slowly. Caxton is on schedule, which for a boat build is phenomenally unusual and the parcels will arrive in there own good time.

On Caxton, I spoke to Stuart at Barn Owl this morning. He had worked all weekend varnishing Caxton's woodwork. Four coats of varnish have gone on the interior woodwork and he expects to put five coats on the door fronts. The chrome mushroom vents have been fitted, the fixings for the plank and boat hooks are in place on the roof and Caxton's stainless steel chimney is on order. The inverter turned up this morning apparently and that will stimulate another flurry of electrical activity.
I am hoping that Stuart will send some photo's tonight for me to post on the blog.

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