Sunday, 21 September 2008

A window on our world

Caxton is now fitted with inner hatch windows. We have two side hatches to let in light and fresh air and Barn Owl fit glazed inner doors so on wet days we can enjoy the view whilst dining but skip the weather...


Eric Wilson said...

Hi Lesley,

Following the building of Caxton with interest and, (as a total ignoramous), very impressed with the way she's coming together.

Love the glazed additions to the side hatch, but, (because of the inward slope of the side), I would be a little concerned about the weatherproofing integrity when you use them for enjoying the view during periods of rain. I'm sure your wonderful professionals have this covered; it was just a thought that water could (maybe)find it's way through!

Looking forward to final completion and further musings re: Fletcher and Floyd.

Best wishes,

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Hello Eric.
I think that Barn Owl have sorted a way of draining the windows so we get no leakage but I will ask on Wednesday when we visit the workshop.
The boys, Fletcher and Floyd, have already been all over their new home to check it out and it seems to meet with their approval!