Friday, 31 October 2008

Gargling Drambuie

Enough of this travelling stuff, I am suffering with a sh*t cold (thanks Abby) and I have resorted to dosing myself with Drambuie ( I can't stand whiskey) which is probably useless but so much more pleasant than nightnurse etc. So feeling just a little sozzled here is the update;

Moored here at Atherley junction this morning we woke to a crisp frost. Determined to get an early start we were off at eight am having walked the dogs and dumped the rubbish. I walked the towing path with Fletcher and Floyd for the next 4 miles before we moored
for a much needed cup of tea just past Cross Green. The day had warmed and the sun was putting on a brave face. We cleaned the boat inside and out before moving off again towards Gailey Wharf. It was my turn to have a crack at the tiller for a few miles before handing back to Joe. Is it age? I don't seem to have the confidence I once had...

Here is our overnight mooring just before Gailey Wharf lock with Joe on the roof again having attached the covers on the houdini hatches. The covers do make a difference re condensation - they don't eradicate it but it is certainly reduced.

Here is the circular toll house at Gailey Wharf. What a cracking building! Today we would probably erect a portacabin!!
We walked up to the wharf and bought a couple of bags of coal from JD Boat Services. We had filled up with diesel at Compton Limekiln Narrowboats yesterday, 70.8p a litre which compared favourably with the 98p we paid at Stourport. Tomorrow we heading off to Penkridge and a lazy weekend where we hope to be able to see the last F1 grandprix of the season - come on Lewis!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the life of boating.
Check out Penkridge`s large plus auction hall and small livestock auctions.
LES (NB Valerie)

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Thanks Les, will do.