Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Joe and I went to visit Stuart at Barn Owl Narrowboats to see his new project and pick up a couple of oil filters in readiness for Caxton's impending oil change. THE NEW PROJECT is a bit special because this latest boat is for Stuart himself! Here we have Achilles, a 65' Norton Canes hull, the Rolls-Royce of hulls no less. Stuart has opted for a tug deck and has fitted a Gardner engine (say this quietly, very very quietly - eleven thousand pounds worth of Gardner engine!) all for a tonk, tonk with lots of grunt... The propeller is enormous, a 22inch, and the rudders looks as it it has come off of a channel ferry it is so big.

This is going to be one beautiful boat when completed and it could be yours for a mere £140k. I look forward to seeing how Achilles progresses and will post photo's from time to time.

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