Saturday, 8 November 2008

Eleven UP

A bit of a false start this morning; we were preparing to leave our overnight mooring at eight am to start the onslaught on the eleven locks through Atherstone when a passing boat mentioned that the locks were closed this weekend. Ah, bugger..
We decided to walk up to the locks , buy a paper and check that the work would be complete after the weekend. At the second lock there was a BW notice stating that work commenced on the 10th, MONDAY, not Saturday, and would last for five weeks! We walked back to Caxton and set off two hours after we should have done.
Note to self: check the stoppages programme idiot!

We got ourselves into a rhythm and worked smoothly through the eleven locks in blessed bright autumn sunshine instead of the forecast showers. We are now moored up in the countryside at bridge 24 just short of Nuneaton and about fifteen miles from our initial destination of Brinklow.
Fletcher decided to exit the boat as Joe passed through a bridge hole in the last part of our journey today - a shout of LESLEY!!! summoned me from the tidying of the boat to an emergency exit and a search and recover mission for one stupid dog. Floyd and I recovered the miscreant from a farmers field opposite the tow path and all was well in the end.
2nd note to self: do not leave tillerman in charge of dopey dog!

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