Sunday, 2 November 2008

Off line

Moored at Penkridge about twenty feet further north than last night after being enlisted in a bow hauling exercise this morning - the critical signal was needed for us to be able to watch the Grand Prix. The programme has just started as I do this update.
This morning, after walking the dogs, I went walkabout off-line, that is off the line of the canal and into Penkridge Village. Below is a photo of the Penkridge gaol, formerly the village lock-up, built in the 1800's and restored by the local civic society.

Here is a typical cottage.

And here is the village church of St. Michael's. A substantial church constructed of penkridge stone in 1180 on a site that has boasted a church since 850. I must admit that I was bit puzzled by the size of some of the buildings, including a very large hotel adjacent to the Church yard. This village had obviously been very prosperous in the past but the these signs of wealth were not close to the canal. So, turning to googleworld when back on the boat I find that Penkridge thrived in the great coaching days, hence the hotel.

And now, with a roast in the oven, the GP just about to start and a glass of wine winking at me, I leave you until tomorrow...

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