Friday, 7 November 2008

Soaking up the autumn

What a pleasure it is to be walking the tow paths with the dogs whilst Joe is being chief boatman. We have covered miles and 99% of it is absolutely beautiful. Russet, gold, amber and yellow foliage against crisp blue skies and then you come across a cluster of red toadstools nestling in the drying leaves.

The two dogs are adjusting well to their new life. They are enjoying a surfeit of exercise given that they walk with me all day. They are both beginning to realise what is expected of them at locks, sitting quietly and watching 'mum' do all the work then move off when she does. Meeting lots of other dogs has been taken in their stride and the decision to castrate them has played a part with Fletcher not reacting to aggressive behaviour from other dogs; we are both very proud of them. All in all I would say that we are loving this new lifestyle!

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PAV said...

Hi Both, Sounds as though you are slipping into your new life very well. Cathy and I are following your trip via your blog so keep the reports coming. Pleased that the boys have also taken to things.....makes your life so much easier.
J&C-NB Marmaduke.