Sunday, 28 December 2008

And they came a Visiting

Yesterday morning Adam and Adrian (Nb Debdale) paid us a visit on their way back home from their Christmas Cruise. We spent a pleasant hour chatting about boats, pensions, early retirement, kettles, LOOS and how many meals can be produced from their now famous Christmas turkey joint! Lovely to see both.

An hour later we were inviting four little people aboard, Maisie, Jacob, Shyrel and Ellie accompanied by their Nan, Val and their Dad, Matthew. Matthew had brought the children up to stay with our friends Val and Alan (Nan and Grandad) for Christmas.
Above, Val, little Maisie and Jacob. Below, Shyrel, Ellie and Maisie.
After cups of tea, glasses of coke and a tour of Caxton, we headed to Bridge 61 for lunch - no room at the Inn, it was heaving so we had to go to the The Locks Inn instead. Not my kind of pub I'm afraid though the service was pleasant, it was a bit like eating in a works canteen or school dinner hall, noisy and bustling. Still it did the job.
Jacob and his Nan, Val.

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