Friday, 19 December 2008

Another chance meeting..

Here is Fletcher posing alongside Caxton this morning. After being captive whilst running the engine to charge the batteries the dogs and I were just about ready to go off and stretch our legs.

When who should we see working their way down the locks but Del and Al of Derwent 6 and naturally the boys and I offered to lend a hand. Here Al is chatting to a gongoozler while waiting for the lock to empty.

And here Fletcher is supervising Del's handling of the boat..

And there goes Derwent 6 off towards Debdale Wharf..

The two dogs and I then continued on our way towards the top of the flight and some open ground for a little serious rabbiting - they dogs pastime, not mine silly!


Del and Al said...

Hi Lesley and Joe
Thanks for your all your comments...Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

Caxton looks magnificent. You'll have to give use at least a week's notice of any possible rendezvous. That's how long we'll need to touch up and polish Indigo Dream so that she's fit to be seen with you!
Sue, Indigo Dream

Kev said...

Hi Lesley & Joe,
Have a great Christmas (first one) on Caxton, I am sure we will meet up sometime in the future.
Kev & Ann (4evermoore)