Saturday, 6 December 2008


We have escaped Brinklow marina and headed out in the company of the Matilda Rose crew towards Market Haborough, our Christmas destination. We set off at 10.00am sharp and moored at 14.10. It has been a glorious day for our venture with clear blue skies and lots of sunshine. The temperature is barely above freezing but the intrepid walkers, Jill and me, were cozy as can be marching along the towpath in company with four dogs.

We had just got through Rugby when we spotted a boat we knew, Ten Bob Note, a fellow blogger. No one home so we left a note and continued along the towpath when we spied a chap with a Jack Russell terrier - the man himself, Ernie! We introduced ourselves as fellow bloggers, shook hands and continued on - nice to meet you Ernie!

We are now moored between bridge 80 and 81, a journey of 9.5 miles, in the middle of the countryside.

Daisy the cat, Matilda Rose crew member, fell into the canal within 20 mins of mooring but apart her pride, all is well. Fletcher and Floyd have never met a cat so this voyage is going to prove an interesting part of their education - NO don't chase the no ...too late.

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