Saturday, 13 December 2008

Non cruise day

We stayed here just outside Crick again Friday and took the opportunity to walk into Yelvertoft village in the morning. The footpaths are very well maintained and are a pleasure to walk , no gloopy mud up around your ankles. After Thursday's episode with Floyd and sheep I erred on the side of caution whenever there was even a chance that Lambchop might be about. I don't want farm stock distressed or injured and I certainly don't want my dog shot because I failed to keep him safe from the consequences of his natural instincts!

In the afternoon Joe and I joined Graham and Jill on Nb. Matilda Rose for a bridge lesson; not the over a canal sort but the card game variety... We have never played but always wanted to so these wet winter evenings will be an opportunity to let our competitive natures rip with a few games of cards - we won't be betting the boat though!

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