Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Who's them?

I was walking along the towpath with Jill of Nb Matilda Rose, me disguised as a giant duvet (well I was carrying a giant duvet) and Jill laden with Christmas presents when we passed two people walking the other way - "I wonder if that's them?" says I. "Who's them?" says Jill. "Windsong!" says I. Returning to the boats there's the two people talking to Joe - "It's them" And sure enough it was, Pip and Roger from NB. Windsong. They had come to see Caxton and meet us fellow bloggers. Needless to say Caxton was in a chaotic condition; sods law.
We managed to cram three large dogs and four people into the saloon with the requisite cups of tea and had good ole chin-wag. Their new boat is due to be launched in April and they are eagerly looking forward to their new life aboard - they won't be disappointed!

Note to self: make sure camera is fully charged when taking photo's of visitors - sorry guys, no pics.

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