Friday, 30 January 2009

Back in the groove

We are back in the 'cruising' groove after our extended stop over at Loughborough due flooding, or Kilby Bridge because of ice. After travelling yesterday, today is a day off to do jobs, get off the line and see some of the countryside we are travelling through. Leaving Joe and Graham to cut up a supply of wood that Jill and I had liberated yesterday, I went off with Fletcher and Floyd for a couple of hours. We walked along the canal to Swarkestone Lock, 3 miles or so, wandered off along a couple of tracks but it was too sticky underfoot to do much of that so we resumed our walk along the canal and returned to the boats, six miles in all.
The towpath is in excellent condition as this section is part of the Sustrans cycle route.

Below the derrick at Swarkestone Lock. I just love seeing these relics of a bygone age in good condition.

As write this Joe is replacing the o rings on the vacuum cassette after yet another 'incident'; we are rapidly losing confidence in the bloody thing! Worrying about whether you can use the loo without having to spend hours cleaning up is not conducive to happy boating.

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