Monday, 26 January 2009

Boat Cuisine or Haut Cuisine

Travelling in convoy with Nb. Matilda Rose and sharing the odd meal together has opened up a refreshed interest in food and food preparation - look away now Greygal - The Matilda Rose crew are confirmed carnivores whilst I am decidedly more inclined to the vegetarian selection and as I am Head Chef and Bottle Washer aboard the good ship Caxton, Himself has to tow the line and eat vegetarian food a good deal of the time. So while the Divine offerings on MR are things like venison, roast butternut squash, caramelised shallots and apple crumble with custard here on Caxton it is Thai tofu curry, buckwheat pancakes stuffed with spicy sweet potato and baby spinach, vegetarian kofta curry and yogurt dips.
Jill and I have been preparing meal plans for each week which really focuses the mind and, purse, when shopping and helps to reduce waste.
So this weeks offerings aboard Caxton are:
Home made fishcakes, lentil and apricot stuffed aubergine, macaroni cheese, steamed syrup sponge, haddock mornay, seafood risotto and vegetarian chilli.
Is this the good life? It has my vote!


Dogsontour by Greygal said...

I can't look away...I'm magnetically drawn to food which is why I watch every episode of Masterchef like an obsessive. But tempting though your menu is, esp. the macaroni cheese and syrup sponge, I may just venture along the towpath a tad and see what's cooking at the carnivore's collective next door...

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Kidneys! Yuk..