Thursday, 1 January 2009

A Cold Embrace

We woke yesterday morning to find that Jack Frost had wrapped our world in his cold embrace. We stayed put until a couple of boats had moved and broken the ice before we ambled down to the waterpoint at Foxton, Matilda Rose breasting up against Caxton to fill our watertanks. When full we headed off towards Leicester gingerly making our way through the broken ice of the canal. I have some good photo's but the signal is too weak to upload them... Jill and I walked with the dogs, it was good to be on the move again after our extended stay at Foxton, climbing back aboard the boats as we reached the Saddington tunnel, all 880 yards of it.
(Note to self - DO NOT put a log on the fire just as you are entering a tunnel!!!)
We moored just north of Bridge 73, Fleckney Br and what a great spot it is for the dogs with 19 acres of newly planted woodland on one bank and pasture land with footpaths on the other. This morning we woke to a frozen landscape yet again but this was our day to explore off the line of the canal rather than cruise so we walked into Smeeton Westerby along frozen bridleways and had a look around the village, returning to Fleckney for a lunchtime pint. Lots of dog walkers about and little else of note.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Lucky you filling with water yesterday at Foxton, We went back there today and the taps were all dry. We will go to MH on Saturday and fill up.

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Hi Brian and Diana
The only water tap working at Foxton is outside Bridge 61, protected by a padlock opened by a BW key. MH water pressure is so LOW be prepared for a very long wait!
Take care