Monday, 12 January 2009

Leicester secure moorings

Last night we moored at Castle Moorings in Leicester. This mooring is the ONLY 'secure' mooring in Leicester and how sad is that? There is at least a half a mile of super moorings in the centre of this brilliant city but the local authority cannot keep you secure from wanton vandalism and anti-social behaviour. The straight mile is almost a great use of the River frontage in the city, almost.. but sadly it is littered and damaged by the graffitti pratts/artists. This is a city with a real history, a real pedigree and we should all be beating a path to see it; come on Leicester, get it policed, get it cleaned up.. and we will be back.


Emma said...

Having lived (in a house) in Leicester, we can concur that the moorings (& indeed alot of the canal)are not particularly great, however the city itself is fine, with some very good pubs! Watermead country park has some fantastic dog walking too.
PS Jess says should Fletcher and Floyd come across a bright pink frisbee, please may she have it back? James threw it in the canal like an idiot!

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Hi Emma
I will keep a look out for Jess's frisbee. We are at Watermead Park now and enjoying the dog walks. We agree that Leicester is a brilliant City and potentially a wonderful destination for boaters, sadly it has a 'bandit country' reputation though.