Sunday, 25 January 2009


I am confused. A single voice is a squeak in the wilderness but join together with others, focus and organise and now you might make someone hear - whether they listen is quite another thing of course. So do I join the Safe Our Waterways campaign or the Inland Waterways Association, or both, or neither? Thoughts on a postcard...


BigJohn said...

It depends what you are bothered about. There is much to be said in favour of both.
As you are a boat owner, may I suggest you should also consider NABO - the National Association of Boat Owners? They seem to me to be owners-centred rather than issue centred. Their roughly bi-monthly magazine is also an informative read and membership seems very good value. Continuous Cruisers / Roving Mooring Permits etc is one of the topics they are currently lobbying about, and I liked their response to the recent Licence Consultation.

Anonymous said...

I looked at what NABO officials had written in various forums and just joined IWA and more recently SOW.