Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Here we are this morning at Sawley Cut visitor moorings. It poured with rain all night and we were concerned that rising levels on the R.Trent would prevent our leaving Sawley. A call from British Waterways at nine confirmed that the Trent was still open but the R.Soar had been closed again. We decided to head off after filling up with diesel at 63p a litre at Sawley Marina. The chandlery manager served us with diesel and petrol (for the gennies) and he was a really pleasant and helpful chap - sorry I didn't get his name, most remiss of me..
Here is Caxton and Matilda Rose in the Sawley Flood lock heading out towards the R. Trent and its junction with the R. Derwent and passing under the M1 motorway. Joe says that crossing the R. Derwent was "interesting". Feeling the boat kick about under our feet and watching Matilda Rose fighting the current ahead of us I would have found an alternative word to "interesting" but ever the one for understatement is Himself. We worked through Derwent lock and moored up for the day walking into Shardlow for a good look around in the afternnon. No pics this evening as some dumbcluck, that would be me, forgot to charge the camera...

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