Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Window of Opportunity

The green light! "I've just heard back from British Waterways, they are opening the River, do we go?"
A quick meeting of the planning committee, a quick look at the guide books, fingers and toes produced for the counting of miles and locks and hours, and a decision; We can do it - so we're off.

A view of the church of St. James at Normanton on Soar from the River.

The estimate was that it would take four hours to get from Meadow Top Lock at Loughborough to Sawley Cut, it took three an a half hours. We left Loughborough at 1.30pm and moored at Sawley at 5pm just as a gentle rain started.
On the R. Soar going past Kegworth. Nb Matilda Rose ahead.
Ratcliffe Power station cooling towers that dominate the landscape.Trentlock Sailing Club House on the junction of the R. Trent and the R.Soar.

Turning onto the R.Trent with Matilda Rose in the lead.

Looking back towards Sawley Locks..
Nosing through the Sawley moorings to find a place to rest for the night..


Anonymous said...

Hurrah, you've escaped at last. Happy cruising!
Sue, indigo Dream

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Thanks Sue