Thursday, 12 February 2009

Alvecote to Bradley Green

Set off just before 11am thus morning from our quiet overnight mooring between Tamworth and Alvecote. The ground was frozen solid and it made for easy and clean walking. We pulled into the mooring at Narrowcraft boatyard to enquire about diesel but they were awaiting their supply so Joe and pushed on leaving Nb Matilda Rose to get their chimney mount fixed after yesterday's punch-up with a bridge.
We moored on the Polesworth visitor moorings and wandered into the village in search of a copy of the latest Canal Boat magazine which features our Caxton!
En route to the village we were passed by £15k worth of BMW trike that clipped the kerb and went skywards, landing on top of some concrete posts and rolling over on top of the unfortunate rider. I hared off across the roundabout, with Joe on my heels, to get to the poor guy who was conscious and just beginning to drag himself from under the wreckage of his machine. We called an ambulance and his wife to let her know what had happened, then Joe got the local garage to recover the man's trike before leaving a name and number with the responding Police officers. I hope that the gent is OK, I think he will be though he appeared pretty shocked and shaken by his experience.

Here Caxton is moored for the night at Bradley Green, just at the start of the Atherstone locks. We are undecided as to whether we stay put tomorrow or move but I would like to have a look at Atherstone; we will wait until the morning before making any decisions...

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