Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Fun and Frolics

We came through Nuneaton yesterday morning stopping at Boot Wharf Trent Marine (aka Tony Gallimore in Nicholson's Guide) for diesel and gas. No issues with self declaration and the pump price was 66p a ltr.
The Nuneaton yoof have been have fun and frolics over the weekend. Someone had got their jollies by letting off a fire extinguisher into the canal and dumping a settee in the same.

Now there is a sight for sore eyes, a police officer walking the towpath. You can just make out the 'slick' from the fire extinguishers in the mid ground.
Police talking to a local about the vandalism.
Caxton moored up at Hawkesbury Junction.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley just reading your blog at mums Graham 007

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Hi little Cuzz
Keep looking in..
love Lesley